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read statements on their behalf. >>> a vague but serious warning out of washington. embassies and consulates in the muslim world will be shut down this weekend. >> reporter: the state department is warning of a security concern. >> the departments take steps like this take steps to protect our safety. >> reporter: u.s. intelligence picked up plans of an al-qaeda plot against the u.s. and the middle east and other countries. embassies in kuwait, televiv, egypt. >> reporter: the security of these places became a slash point in washington. the benghazi embassy was ambushed twis. four americans were -- twice. four americans were killed. the man on the run from u-s authorities after leaking t secret information... has a >> the embassy closures are precautionary. >>> russia has granted edward snowden asylum. he left the airport where he had been stuck for more than a month. he can stay for a year under the stipulation that he doesn't leave the country and he stops leaking u.s. secrets. the obama administration wants him to face trial. >>> last month's cover of rolling stone sparked
th anniversary of the historic march on washington. >> this is not the time for nostalgic commemoration. nor is this the time for self- congratulatory celebration. the task is not done. the journey is not complete. >> some of those in the crowd had attended the march 50 years ago. the actual anniversary is wednesday. president obama will make a speech from the same spot where reverend king gave his historic speech. there were similar anniversary celebrations around the country today. including a march in san jose. one woman who was at the original march in washington. >> reporter: at st. james park in san jose. >> keep hope alive. >> reporter: a rich mix of people from all over the bay area united to address civil rights issues five decades after the historic march on washington. >> i mix african-american heritage as well as german. >> reporter: michelle wasn't even born at time of the original march. >> i think it was important for me to be here because if there was no movement like this there would be no me. there would be no my children and so on. >> reporter: it gave w
because any rain chance in august is a rarity. big area of low pressure off the western washington british columbia coastline. a little piece of this low pressure's energy will move down toward us and becomes what's called a cut off low. main flow of the jet stream. you get something cut off from the jet stream, not moving at all. this thing is going to hang out from sunday night all the way through thursday morning. going to feed in humid air. we kind of already had that. a rain chance, couple showers, perhaps a few thunderstorms monday, tuesday and wednesday. three of the next seven days do carry a rain chance, especially toward the top of next week. we're dry this weekend, though, lots of sunshine in the afternoon, even near the bay. beautiful weekend to get outside. there's that thunderstorm chance monday through wednesday and will stay a little stickier than normal. san jose tomorrow, 80, santa clara 80, fremont 74. great day in palo alto, high of 75. upper 80s inland, pittsburgh 89, pleasant hill 88. mill valley, nice day in marin. 81 for you. 67 downtown. winds cloverdale right arou
, denzel washington, matt damon all combined. >> reporter: but jones didn't want to move to alabama from california and refused the request of cheng. >> she turned to me and she said -- king. >> she turned to me and she said what do you think you are doing that's so important that you can't help this man that came all this distance to ask for your help? >> i have a dream. >> reporter: but then jones heard king's powerful preaching in person and agreed to move. in 1963 jones wrote the first seven paragraphs of king's famous speech at the lincoln memorial before a record crowd of a quarter million people and broadcast live on tv. when dr. jones drafted the original i have a dream speech, dr. king made some changes, but the words i have a dream were never part of the text. jones said after king read the script a gospel singer on the stage spoke out. >> she shouted to him tell him about the dream, martin! tell him about the dream. >> i have a dream. >> the rest of the speech that has become such a celebrated speech. >> my poor little children. >> that's all extemporaneous. >> i have a dream
pressure area off the western washington british clim columbia. it is still giving us light to moderate on shore, just enough of that pacific ocean temperature. that air is moving toward us. low pressure is not moving. we will keep that light to moderate on shore flow over the weekend and for all of next week. beautiful bether for you and your family to get outside. you'll have the morning cloud cover, but you'll get plenty of afternoon sunshine and slight chance of sprinkle sunday morning well to the north of the city and sonoma county up toward lake county. santa clara tomorrow, sunshine in the amp, 75. fremont 73. walnut creek, you'll hit 83. antioch 826789 livermore tomorrow 82, about five degrees below normal. 66. mill valley 78. warm stuff. upper 80s lake port. extended forecast, warm it back up monday. really hitting cruze control. low 70s near the bay. mid 60s at the coast. just a few degrees below normal, but this is not throw your phone down. >> no. >> this is tweet something nice about the weather kind of weather. >> oh, i should. >> why not. >> we'll take it. >> you showed m
luther king's son took the stage in washington today, the same place where 50 years ago, his dad delivered that famous speech. danielle nottingham with the king's family dream for the 21st century. >> 50 years to the day and dr. martin luther king jr.'s i have a dream speech, a crowd once again lined the reflecting pool, but the most visible sign of america's progress since that day in 1963, the featured speaker wasn't a black preacher from atlanta. it was the first black president. >> barack obama. >> because they marched, city council is changed and congress change and had, yes, eventually the white house changed. >> at 3:00, the hour in which dr. king delivered his speech, bells rang. martin luther king, iii, says his naur's dream is closer to being realized than it was in 1963, but there's still a long road ahead. >> we still have significant challenges around unemployment of young people specifically, young african americans and young from all communities. we still have challenges as it relates to violence. >> problems that can be overcome, he said, by following his father's
the washington coastline. it is how strong that flow will be. it is hot to the east like usually. it is chilly in the ocean. but where is our air coming from? just the next couple of days, there is just enough to hang the heat. next week, something different. we will see the on shore flow increase and we will have more of the ocean inflation. lit be cooler next week. temperatures normal through the weekend. clouds will be back near the water t bay, the coast, plenty of blue sky except for the the coast each afternoon for the next several. san jose, beautiful. 80 degrees high. san ramon, 87, 78 for vallejo. napa nice. mid 80s . in the city, 67, petaluma, 79 high. extended forecast, great weekend, 70s near the bay. 80s to near 90 and we will slow down. this is cruise control weather. great weather to get outside. do something outside. whatever suits you. >> beautiful. >> great. thanks. >>> you might say, something at dodger stadium stinks. most bay area baseball fans would say, yes, it's the team. actually, no. it's these little critters. come on out of there. this skunk family has moved into
including somebody on a roller skate and a person in a gorilla suit. but this washington state cheer leader did a black flip and threw the ball from three quarters court and look. oh man. unbelievable. i do like the guys in the swimming pool. they know they are going national now. they will be in the top five tomorrow night. be right back. i want you to know stuff i don't. i want you to be kind. i want you to be smart. super smart. i want one thing in a doctor. to speak my language. i don't want you to look at the chart before you say hi...david. quiero que me hagas sentir segura. i want you to be awesome. that's the doctor i want. at kaiser permanente, we want you to choose the doctor that's right for you. find your perfect match at kp.org female narrator: it's posturepedic versus beautyrest it's posturepedic versus beautyrest with up to $400 off. serta icomfort and tempur-pedic go head-to-head with three years' interest-free financing. mattress price wars are on now at sleep train. ♪ your ticket to a better night's sleep ♪ "everybody started telling how it hap >> looks like a happy en
and washington coast. that stay to the north. and we'll stay in that sliver of dry for a while. we're also going to stay not hot and not cold, thanks to the on shore flow. keeping weather really pleasant for the next several days. >> low pressure gets closer to us. once thanes, the on shore flow increases the morning cloud cover and we'll see a pretty significant cool down coming up for the holiday weekend. all week long, tuesday through friday, morning clouds, a little drizzle, afternoon sunshine, very pleasant. san jose tomorrow, for you, 80. 3 degrees below average. 80 for millepedes. upper 80s for san ramon, and right around 90 degrees tomorrow for yukia. >> just about ferfect -- perfect. not cold but a little bit cooler and cloudier. changes coming towards the weekend. >> what's the weather like in la where elizabeth is getting married this weekend? 86 and sunny. >> i've been asked that every a day since march. >> we're going to be right. sunday, sunday, 100% chance of nuptuals. >>> it was a coco-- coc ashgsoa and being cabrera show. we'll have more when we come back. ,,,,,,,,,, farmers pre
is because of a huge area of low pressure request with the center off the british washington and coastline. thts giving use a -- this is giving us a light chance for showers. >> low pressure will get closer to us bringing mount task a likely into the afternoon near the bay. temperatures will drop about five degrees on saturday, 5 more coming up on sunday. >> so the holiday weekend, we'll be cooler than where we were. >> the warmest day will be friday before temperatures drop starting today. >> tomorrow, san jose, 80, fremont 75, upper 80s for pleasant hill, antihigh tomorrow for millvalley in downtown san francisco. >> warming up a couple degrees on friday. >> i know sunday, it's not going to be that warm outside, but it certainly will be cooler. >> have a little sweater. >> why not. >> at the pool. >>> well, some big news ahead of thursday's name? >> yeah. we're going to get the holiday started with one final pre season football game. >> but we do have news tonight, a rookie wins a job as a parter on the 49ers, folks. get your tape measures out, did his home run go. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, i
is still very much in fire season. >>> this weekend in washington, people who hope to travel to mars will gather to talk about the privately-funded project aiming to get them there. in spite of the discoveries made by nasa's sophisticated robots, mars one cofounder believes the red planet needs human pioneers. ken is ready to sign up. he intends to launch four people on the long journey to mars eight years from now. >> in april, 2023, the humans will land on mars. the next giant leap for mankind. >> lansdorp says his company has received more than 78,000 videos from people seeking to become the first martian settlers. >>> the big chicago music fest got off to a wet start today but that didn't stop fans from rocking out. off and on downpours took over. concert goers came prepared. they set up areas for shelter, and the festival runs until sunday. roberta is laughing. she's smiling. >> we're not going to see rain forever. >> she know what is it's like in chicago when it comes down, right. >> yes. i've been there before and it's a hardy motley crew. >>> we have a little -- it's a little
here are some i would accept. booker t. washington. malcolm x. martin luther king jr.. you know the names you recognize in history class in february. [laughter] why -- because before black nerd, it was called black leader. can you dig it? at some point in the 1980's, it became uncool for black people to read. i'm not going to point at -- point fingers but if i was going to, i would point at crack and reagan. what is this person doing? reading? reading? the constitution? this nerd wants to understand his country as a concept and vision by our forefathers and see if there is a gap between that and how it is practiced by our elected officials. that way he can join the system and work within it and make the country better for the citizens and citizens of other countries since we are a world power. nerd! 7 [applause] that child ran home to his mom saying they are making fun of me and then she said, don't you worry about that, barrak. thank you very much. [applause] craig: good night, everybody! baron vaughn! ♪ you have to let me know ♪ so i don't make my worst mistake ♪ ♪ tur
-landed in the columbia river in washington state. >>> check this out, flash floods swamp a mountain road in colorado. the muddy water was flowing to powerfully, cars were carried away. this vultof heavy rain in a burned-out area. >>> one person is dead and three others missing. >>> san diego's mayor is sending ending his sexual harassment therapy today and will continue counseling on anant pointer. fimner's last two supporters on the council are now calling on him to resign. >> it was a very hard thing to do, because he brought something new and different to the community. it's just unfortunate he is flawed and i believe not really able to lead our city again. >> filner's attorney says he is expected to return to office on august 19th. he will not be available for comment until then, but has given no indication that he plans to resign evacuees are starting to return home as firefighters gain control of a wildfire wildlife had a burned 1900 aches are and destroyed at least 26 homes in southern california. here is melanie woodrow with the latest. >> reporter: the wildlife burning in the san jacinto
washington dc. >>> well, it took less than 140 characters for a billionaire to send apple stock through the roof. investor carl ican tweeted that apple stock is undervalued and that he made a large investment in the company. the news pushed apple stock prices up 5% just under $490. but that's still way off its 52-week peak of $705. >>> last night we heard oracle ceo say apple will never be the same company, never have the same incredible success without steve jobs. well, tonight, elli son is talking about his beloved america's cup in an exclusive interview with charlie rose of cbs this morning he has this message for critics who think the sailing race too dangerous. >> it has to be attractive to kids, and it has to be risky. it has to be a little bit risky. >> you can see much more of charlie rose's interview tomorrow on cbs this morning and whaer that ellison has to say about people who think that he has changed the sport of sailing for the worst. the cbs this morning starts at 7:00 a.m.. >>> reporter sharon chen came into work this afternoon and told us something many in the news room
skate and a person in a gorilla suit. but this washington state cheer leader did a black flip and threw the ball from three quarters court and look. oh man. unbelievable. i do like the guys in the swimming pool. they know they are going national now. they will be in the ,,,,,, [ female announcer ] jump-start your day with mcdonald's dollar menu at breakfast. home of the irresistible sausage burrito. ♪ and freshly brewed premium roast coffee you love. plus other amazing tastes for just a dollar each. ♪ every day, as always, there's a lot to love for a little on mcdonald's dollar menu. ♪ female narrator: the mattress price wars are on the mattress price wars are on at sleep train. we challenged the manufacturers to offer even lower prices. now it's posturepedic versus beautyrest with big savings of up to $400 off. serta icomfort and tempur-pedic go head-to-head with three years' interest-free financing. plus, free same-day delivery, set-up, and removal of your old set. when brands compete, you save. mattress price wars are on now at sleep train. ♪ your ticket to a better night's s
not block the new state laws in colorado and washington that let people smoke pot for whatever reason they want to. >>> and, we have the latest update on the big rim fire. last count, more than 199,000 acres have gone up in flames since the fire started august 17th. the fire is growing much slower than before. the rim fire is now the 6th largest fire in california's history. crews have it 32% contained. >>> one of the u.s. biggest allies will not be part of any military action in syria. the british parliament voted no to any british involvement. a big pr blow to president barack obama and highlights growing concern that the u.s. is rushing to judgment. the white house says there is evidence that the syrian government was behind last week's chemical attack against civilians but so far we have not seen any of that evidence. in san francisco tonight, dozens of protesters held yellow signs saying more u.s. military action in the arab world would be a mistake. >> i am devastating. i hate what is happening there. but i also hate what we have done around the world. the reality is that we hav
with denzel washington. we leave you now with shots of the bay bridge. have a wonderful weekend. >> that opening next week. >> yes, it is. big count down. see you later. ( band playing "late show" theme ) >> from the heart of broadway, broadcasting across the nation and around the world, it's the "late show" with david letterman. tonight... plus paul shaffer and the cbs orchestra. i'm alan kalter. and now, he can save you 16% on your car insurance, david letterman! captioning sponsored by worldwide pants and cbs ( band playing "late show" theme
letterman is up next with denzel washington. we leave you now with shots of the bay bridge. have
Search Results 0 to 26 of about 27 (some duplicates have been removed)